Semi-permanent Make-up

What is Semi-permanent make-up?

Semi-permanent make-up (hereafter called SPMU) is a form of cosmetic tattooing. It is a process where coloured pigment is implanted into the skin, using a sterile needle cartridge, producing make-up which will last for several years.

How long does it take?

You will need to allow approximately 1.5 hours for your first appointment. If you intend to have all three procedures (basic eyes, brows, lips) you will need to allow 2-3 hours in total. A second visit is required approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial visit to perfect the make-up and boost the colour. A SPMU treatment is not deemed complete until the second treatment has been undertaken.

Is Semi-permanent make-up really semi-permanent?

SPMU procedures are considered both permanent and semi-permanent. Permanent, because the pigment components will always be in the skin, although not visible to the eye. Semi-permanent, as the colour will fade, and therefore periodical visits are needed to refresh the colour. Factors that contribute to colour fading are: age, exposure to the sun, health, certain medications and the use of facial products containing exfoliation properties.

How long does it last?

SPMU will last (after a "Perfecting" visit) for several years. Over time the colour will fade and break down. It is suggested that you return for a colour boost every twelve to eighteen months. This keeps the look complete and fresh.

Does it hurt?

Some clients feel no sensation at all, others feel mild discomfort. Topical numbing is used to control discomfort. Clients say that having a SPMU procedure is comparable to having their eyebrows tweezered or their legs waxed.

Why do I need a second visit?

We work the basis that "Less is Best". To achieve a perfect result a second visit is required. We prefer to under-do an application on the first appointment, rather than over-do, as once the pigment is in the skin it is hard to change. It is very simple to go thicker or darker on a subsequent visit.

Only after the second, "Perfecting" visit is a basic procedure deemed complete. Lip blush, full lip and thick eyeliner will require additional work. These procedures are all chargeable.

Will I be able to go out without everyone noticing?

After a procedure, the treated area will be darker, and the colour more intense. This will last approximately 3-5 days, until the area naturally exfoliates and the true colour emerges. Swelling is common but usually disappears within 24 hours. If an eyeliner procedure is being performed, the eyes will look red and puffy (as if you have had a good cry). An after-care product (if applicable) and written instructions are given after the procedure as well as verbal instructions on how best to care for your procedure. A mineral based make up can be worn to help reduce redness (a technician will advise you on this).

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