Exercise & Your Skin

Exercise and the benefits for your Skin – Get the Glow

During these unprecedented times, many of us are having to be creative in how we take our exercise.  I for one have taken part in spinning sessions with my dad, both of us connecting from our phones and with my personal trainer Jenny, again via video links. Whatever way you are getting your exercise, have you ever considered that not only are you exercising your mind and body but you are also providing benefits to your skin. Everyone is aspiring to have ‘the glow’  so here’s what science tells us about exercise’s skin benefits.

Can Sweating be good for you?

Whilst we might not always think sweating is a good or pleasant experience, the reality is sweat is great for keeping your skin clear. When you sweat, your pores flush out toxins that can lead to blemishes. The key however, is that you must not forget to wash your face as soon as possible after you have finished exercise—leaving toxins, oil, and dirt sitting on your skin can cause breakouts.  Where possible use a cleanser with some salicylic acid or for the more sensitive a good micellar water.

How can you reduce your Wrinkles?

In normal times, if anyone was interested in discussing how to reduce their wrinkles, we would undertake a face to face consultation with one of our Doctors to talk through the options we can offer at NuYu.  That said, you might be surprised to learn that we can all help ourselves through exercise. Exercise helps maintain healthy levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  A good workout can actually help your body stimulate collagen production to keep your skin firm and supple.

The benefits of Muscle Tone

The more muscle tone you have, the healthier your skin will look and feel. Skin is the largest organ in your body and when your skin has better support from strong, firm muscles, this will lead to firmer-looking skin; not to mention, toning your muscles may also help to minimise the appearance of cellulite.

Why do I get an Instant Glow?

When you get your heart pumping from aerobic exercise, your skin receives a good dose of oxygenated blood. Your skin also starts producing more of its natural oils, helping it look healthy and naturally moisturised. Studies indicate that moderate exercise can improve circulation and boost the immune system. As a result, you may experience more youthful-looking skin. To maintain that glow, I would recommend treatments like microdermabrasions or peels along with a good skincare routine. As a stockist of Medik8 the CSA philosophy is simple yet highly effective. Vitamin C & SPF by day, Vitamin A by night. 

Does exercise help repair my skin?

Research suggests that exercise may help skin repair itself more quickly, which can help protect against UV skin damage.  That said, we would always recommend that you wear sunscreen when outdoors whether you are excising or not.  Its amazing how quickly sun damage can occur. There are a number of options you can consider to protect your skin, we would recommend a minimum of  SPF 30, which is also waterproof so that it stays put even while you sweat. 

Exercise can help you sleep and in turn benefit your skin

The term ‘beauty sleep’ is no myth. It’s during deep sleep that our skin refreshes and renews itself. Not only can exercise help you snooze faster, but it can also improve the quality of your sleep as well. If you feel well rested, it’s only right for your skin to look the same.

Enjoy your exercise knowing that there are benefits to your body, mind and skin.

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