• The service is really tailored. They totally understanding my skin, and always offer new tips each time I come in.
    — Andrea, London
  • Just the nicest two girls.
    — Nicki, Surrey

Disclaimer - This is based on the individuals experience, results can vary between clients.

  1. Jessica

    Could not recommend NuYu highly enough. I have used Sam and Jo for various treatments for over 10 years and wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else. I always look forward to my appointments with them, it’s like catching up with old friends and I always feel and look so much better for it. I’ve sent many friends to them over the years, all have been equally as impressed and satisfied. Comfortable, discreet, reassuring, full of expertise and advice without being pushy - these ladies are the best!
  2. Emma

    I have been a regular customer of Nuyu for about five years now. The reasons for this are multiple & important to share. Sam and her team are authentic, genuine & dedicated to achieving incredible results for each client. Their hospitality, professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. I feel thoroughly relaxed, listened to & happy with the results after every visit. I like to plan them on my days off because I know how lovely I will feel after. The team also follow up, check in and help keep me organised with any treatments. I cannot recommend Nuyu enough! I myself will be going until I’m well into my 80’s & still looking immaculate thanks to them.
  3. Jenny

    NuYu is my favourite London Salon, Sam and her team are amazing and what they do and so kind and professional. I have had numerous treatments with from hair laser, to facials, filler and Botox. I would highly recommend all the treatments, I love visiting! thank you 🙂

"I don't want people to notice that I've had it done, and they're brilliant at achieving that"

Gill - kent
  1. Kate

    I've been going to see Sam and Jo for about ten years, they are hands down brilliant, knowledgeable, understand what's right for me in terms of treatments and make recommendations. Totally trust them both and won't go anywhere else.
  2. Olivia

    The best laser treatment I have ever had, and I've been to a lot of places! It really does work. And Sam is fantastic, would highly recommend.
  3. Joanna

    Sam has transformed the clinic environment and I love the new feel. The area has a fresh, clean & clinical feel, yet still remains boutiquey. Dr Arti is a wonderful practitioner and extremely thorough. I came away feeling fresh and not overdone. Would highly recommend.
  4. Joa

    Excellent clinic could not ask for better treatment in all areas. Always have been extremely satisfied in all areas
  5. Alison

    Since turning 50 I have really started to struggle with accepting age and the changing appearance of my face. I was particularly uncomfortable with the wattle that had started to hang down from under my chin and the lines appearing across my neck. I arranged a consultation with Sam and she explained how she could use her exilis machine to tighten to the hanging skin and help me defy the laws of gravity. I had 6 sessions on the machine up to 2 weeks apart and by the 5th session I could really begin to see a change in my chin and neck. My partner began to comment on how the skin just didn’t hang down anywhere near as much and that it had seemed to tighten back up. I think the results for me has been brilliant. The tightness is still improving a month after the treatment and i have been told to expect the collagen to continue to tighten for another couple of months. My jawline is now once again defined and my Jowls appear to have reduced to along with the wattle that I was so embarrassed about. I am delighted ! Thank you Sam.

"I don't want people to notice that I've had it done, and they're brialliant at achieving that"

Gill - kent
  1. Joanne

    At 33 I could see my face was changing: my cheeks were sinking slightly, creating those nose to mouth lines; the bags under my eyes were still present post-9am and I started to look my age - ain't nobody got time for that! That's not to say I wanted to look 10 years younger, just a little something to freshen me up, and why not? It took me about 6 months to make the appointment because I was worried. I'd seen celebs take it too far and look more eek! than chic, to say the least. After researching a million clinics I decided on NuYu, I bit the bullet and booked in for a chat to put my mind at ease. Sam and the team are incredibly knowledgeable and after a consultation with Fiona, she decided the best course of action would be some filler in my cheeks and under my eyes. A few painless pin pricks later I emerged sans nose to mouth lines, plumper cheeks and zero eye baggage. The effect was so subtle, just what I was after. If you're like me and have reservations, save yourself the worry lines and just book in for a chat to see what's best for you. I highly recommend - best decision I've made. Disclaimer - This is based on the individuals experience, results can vary between clients.
  2. Claire

    Thank you to team at NuYu for finally rescuing my skin from regular spotty ‘breakouts’. Since being a teenager I had always suffered with spotty skin and spent lots of money on skin products that didn’t work. When I heard about Microdermabrasion facials I contacted the NuYu clinic and was instantly made to feel at ease by the team. The expertise of the staff gave me great confidence that I could finally have skin that was spot free. After only a couple of weeks of visiting the clinic I noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of my skin. I finally started to feel confident about leaving the house without having to spend time covering up my spots with makeup. I continued to have the Microdermabrasion facials for three months and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done for my skin and the best value for money. Sam recommended their Medik8 skincare range and I have been using it ever since. The team at NuYu have been true professionals, not only for finally giving me great looking skin but also for making me feel so welcome every time I visited the clinic.
  3. Hannah

    I’ve had a few microderm sessions and three peels and my skin looks much fresher, brighter and clearer. I’ve seen an improvement with every session and highly recommend the NuYu team…they know their stuff!”
  4. Jackie

    I had never had any cosmetic work done before so I was a little apprehensive before my first visit to NuYu. From the moment I entered the clinic the staff made me feel relaxed and welcome and any worries that I had were gone! The doctor took time to find out about me and what I wanted to achieve before recommending any treatments. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and the many compliments I've received telling me how great I look. A fantastic experience and great service that I would happily recommend to anyone
  5. Stephen

    I was introduced to the team at NuYu London by a very good friend of mine. I must say what a fantastic recommendation it was! I use the team on a regular basis for a number of the services that they provide…… if I told you what they were I would actually have to kill you. 😉 I have since recommended a number of friends to NuYu and can’t say enough about the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and how at easy you are made to feel. Choose NuYu! Choose NuYu!